Wish to see your Fashion Website Flourish? 8 Tips to Enjoy a Massive Hike in Traffic through Instagram!

Instagram is a continually expanding social media platform with more than 15% of the population of the earth using it actively. Growing a step ahead of personal networking, Instagram is proving out to be a huge of the source of ad revenue too. The mobile ads on Instagram itself are expected to cross 6.8 billion dollars in 2018. With many impressive stats like this, no wonder why it is the favorite tools of marketers across the globe.

For the last couple of years, Instagram remained the sweet spot of the of the social media marketers. It is easy to see the reason for it as there are 800 million active users monthly with more than 50% of this lot following brands. As per a Forrester research report, the likes, following, shared, comments, and other forms of engagement on Instagram are also off the chart. This steady increase in engagement rates is now about ten times higher than that of Facebook, about 54 times than Pinterest, and nearly 84 times higher to Twitter.

Increasing Instagram engagement

As Instagram has grown that big to be ignored, in this guide, we will discuss some useful tips for the fashion website owners to increase their website traffic through this platform.  In this flourishing backdrop, the proactive marketers from across the globe are seeking for more practical ways to improve the Instagram engagements. To succeed in this effort, you have to think of ways to increase the engagement rate on Instagram through both paid and organic campaigns. Let’s explore one by one.

  1. Frequency of posting

It is necessary for brands to be active to hold back the followers, get new, and boost the engagement rates. Even though there is no such strict rule about the frequency of posting, according to the studies, the right approach may be one or two posts a day consistently. The times may vary based on the algorithmic setting of Instagram and the time zone differences. Some advocate the best time as 8– 9 AM or 2 – 5 PM to ensure maximum engagement, but you have to take a trial and error approach to fix your most prospective timings.

  1. Tell stories instead of preaching

You can see many mediocre messages on Instagram by brands who forget the fact that social networking on Instagram should be more of a ‘visual inspiration’ as it is an image-sharing platform. So, you have to grab the audience attention through well-thought images and short videos, and not by preaching with massive marketing content. Be yourself an engaging storyteller with captivating micro-stories using Instagram Stories, your captions, and your profile.

  1. Do branding carefully

As alike a storefront, you have to do careful branding on Instagram too with creativity and clarity to try and buy real Instagram likes. It is also essential to be consistent with your branding efforts to make yourself noticeable and easily recognizable. A haphazard approach will not work. The core areas to focus are your profile, maintain a unique style pattern, and keeping your images clear and fresh by following a theme. More importantly, you have to master in the art of hashtag use too. By preparing a branding style-guide to streamline your best brand practices, you can take your positive and consistent branding to a broader spectrum audience.

Explore Instagram video formats

Instagram is more of pictures, and it is true that a right picture can replace a thousand words. But, the mantra of marketers now is that a video can replace a million words. The efficacy and popularity of online video marketing are increasing day by day, and that’s why Instagram too introduced the feature of video content. To serve this purpose well, Instagram offers a range of video options for the marketers to explore. You can make standalone videos of 60 seconds without much effort from your Instagram Stories, but make sure that you explore the advantages of various video formats from background stories to live streams to reap the best results.

  1. Also, use appropriate video subtitles

As videos are increasingly dominating at the online space, most of the times, people tend to listen to it without audio at public places. This is where subtitles become essential. You can smartly deliver core messages on-screen alongside the visuals for effective engagement. A Facebook research had shown that adding subtitles or captions to videos tend to increase the view time by about 12%. The effectiveness of messaging also gets boosted with this approach as a massive 82% against the 18% effectiveness of those with only sound and no captions.

  1. Make use of video ads on Instagram

With about 75% of the Instagram users tend to take actions online like visiting sites, telling friends, or do searching on getting influenced by content, it is ideal to explore the different advertisement formats offered by Instagram. There are three basic video ad formats on offer as:

  • Single video ad is the option to create standard 60-second ads.
  • Carousels, which allow more message space and let the followers browse across more images and videos
  • Instagram Stories offer a vertical format displayed full-screen where the videos and images can be spliced to form visually-appealing ads.
  1. Try GIFs

Not many have explored this option, but some online marketing research results show that more people tend to watch the videos which are 15 seconds or less, which leads to the possibility of posting GIF as an advertising tool. With a history of 30 years of existence, GIF format is highly appealing still and create a substantially better impact than PNG and JPEG formats. Instagram also created their riff on GIF as the Boomerang, which arranges a sequence of still and then loops them forward and backward to make it a smart GIF.

  1. Most importantly, choose the apt hashtags

Even though getting repeated in all Instagram guides, it is worthy to say that without appropriate hashtags, your efforts remained nullified on this competitive platform. You may face a tight competition on making your hashtags optimally generic as saying #Christmas or #coffee etc. So, try a fair mix of popular industry-specific hashtags as well as try to make your product or brand specific hashtags to get connected to the targeted followers.

Your Instagram profile is more or less like the same as your business, the same kind of an enterprise which continually grows and evolve with more deeper and stronger links over time. By following the tips mentioned above, you can maximize the potential of your Instagram channel and thereby earn traffic to your website.


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