Why Argyle Diamond Is A Treasure For Gemstones Investors?

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The pink diamond is the most exceptional gemstone as it is very rare and absolutely dazzling. But pink diamonds can be both natural and artificial. You can manufacture a pink diamond using modern technology in a lab. Pink diamonds that occur naturally in the mines underneath the earth’s surface are truly expensive.

Argyle pink diamond is one such expensive and rarest diamond ever. It is no wonder that gemstone investors are inclining towards this precious stone. Planning to buy some exotic collection of Argyle diamonds? Stop by to know in details.

Let’s discuss further to know about argyle diamonds.

Iconic Hues                      

People usually think that pink diamonds are only pinkish in colour. But Argyle diamonds come in spectacular hues such as reddish pink, red, purple, blue and rose pink. These colours are extremely rare and very few pieces has emerged out of the Argyle mine. The intensity and vibrancy of argyle diamonds make it a fabulous treasure.

Cherished Red Variety

Out of all the colours of argyle diamonds the red variety is the most exclusive one. Experienced gemstone investors are always in search of original Argyle red diamonds. This colour creation is still a mystery but it is said that it makes atomic reaction has twisted the colour of pink into the red.

Mining Process

Volcanic lamproite pipe is used to source argyle pink diamonds. In comparison to the white diamonds, the argyle variety has a very complicated structure. To get the polished finishing this kind of diamond goes through 3 to 4 times polishing process.

Few necessary things to mention are:

Since Argyle diamonds are rare and getting rarer each day it is imperative that this variety of diamond is restored in its natural form and stop further mining.

It is expected that by 2020 Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia will be closed down permanently. So it is not great news for the gemstone investors. But restoring this beautiful precious stone is also required.

The diamonds that are mined from the Argyle mine are not all precious. About 1% is a precious pink diamond. The rest of the stones are a brown diamond.

In order to buy the best quality pink diamonds, one has to find the finest gemstone dealer. Also before you make a purchase it is necessary that you get the certification of the Argyle diamond.

Cut, Carat, Shape and Intensity level are the four most essential factors that you need to decide before you pick an argyle diamond.

Determine your necessity of buying the pink diamond. It could be for your jewellery designing or as an heirloom.

Investments in diamonds are not a new thing. People who love gemstone and have an eye for picking the best quality precious stones should invest in argyle diamonds. Although it is real, still it will be a treasure for a lifetime. Talk to the best diamond dealers today who can get you high-quality argyle diamonds. It is, after all, profitable business to invest in such gemstones.

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