What to And Not To do During Pregnancy

Being a parent is not an easy feat in any sense of the word. It is probably one of the most difficult things to be. Being the perfect parent is almost impossible. All of us have flaws and those flaws are what define us.

As long as we try to overcome those flaws and keep the well-being of our young ones in our mind all of us would turn out to become great parents.

Being a parent means that the life of a young person depends on you and your significant other. It is up to you how you would shape up your child to become. You can instil all the good values in your child and that would result in your child growing up to become a good human being who is an asset to the society. It is best to learn from your own parents. Evaluate for yourself what they did right and what they did wrong and try to rectify all the wrongs that they did. This way we can ensure that our predecessors would be able to have a better foundation than us.

The journey to becoming a parent is not an easy one. The nine months of pregnancy are gruelling both physically and mentally especially for the mother. Carrying and caring for another person inside you for nine months in not an easy feat. Pregnancy is a very precarious time for the mother and the baby. They have to be taken care of and should not be put under any sort of stress. Stress is an absolute nono during pregnancy. When you go to the doctor for your regular check-ups you can even make a pregnancy growth video to document the entire length.

It would make for a great video when your child grows up and moves out one day. During pregnancy eating healthy is a very important aspect. You should eat healthy not just for yourself but also for the sake of your child. Everyone who stays around the mother and helps her take care of herself and the baby it is advisable to not drink or smoke in front of her since it might affect the baby.

Pregnancy takes an immense toll physically on the mother but it also causes devastating mental exhaustion which might cause depression.

Depression after the birth of your child is called postpartum depression. It is very important to keep yourself cheerful and stress free. It is possible for you to nowadays monitor baby growth during pregnancy week by week. This would keep the mother cheerful as in her baby is healthy and growing and this would relieve her of a lot of tension. Even though a healthy diet is an integral part of a pregnancy but still it is advisable to keep a few cheat days in between just to keep the mother happy and satisfied. It is a good idea to plan these cheat days after consulting with your doctor.

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