What Options Are There For Buying PVC Roll?

Strip curtain doors are found in many different environments. They are ideal if you need to separate areas, but don’t want to be opening and closing doors. They also work effectively to keep temperatures stable (for example in a cold store while it is being restocked or in a warehouse during loading operations) and deterring insects or other pests from entering

Although PVC strip curtains are hard wearing, easy to clean and maintain they do eventually wear out and require replacement. If you have a standard opening, this is merely a matter of contacting your supplier, ordering the strips and replacing like-for-like.

In the event that your opening is non-standard – an unusual shape due to gradients or exceptionally high for example – then another option is to buy PVC roll and create strips of precisely the right dimensions. All the different grades and types of strip curtain are available on the roll so, should you wish, you can even upgrade your curtain at the same time.

Standard Grade

For simple applications standard grade PVC roll comes in 50m lengths in 200, 300 and 400 mm widths of increasing thickness.

Double Ribbed

High traffic areas may benefit from the use of ribbed curtains which offer a higher degree of resilience. These are also available on 50m rolls in 200mm, 300mm or 400mm widths.

Polar Grade

Cold stores need to be kept at a constant temperature in order to ensure that the contents do not spoil. Strips curtains are ideal to keep areas of different temperatures apart while still allowing free movement of workers. Polar grade PVC can cope with low temperatures without hardening or cracking and is ideal to split zones within a cold store or across the entrance to inhibit convection currents whilst the main door is open. It is also available in a variety of widths.

Double Ribbed Polar Grade

For areas of high traffic that may experience lower temperatures, there is double ribbed polar grade PVC. This combines the extra strength of ribbed curtains with the low-temperature resistance of polar grade strips.

Marker Strips

One of the benefits of a transparent PVC curtain over a door is that it allows large amounts of light through. In some situations, this can prove problematic as the curtain is not clearly visible. Bright orange marker strips are otherwise identical to standard grade PVC roll and allow the edges of the door to be delimited.


Electronic manufacturing plants and workshops have many uses for PVC strip curtains to keep dust pollution and air currents to a minimum and to allow for easy reconfiguration of space depending on the project being undertaken. Server rooms and data centres may also wish to use PVC strip curtains to split areas or across doorways to keep noise and air pollution to a minimum.

Anti-static curtains, tinted to distinguish them from standard strips, resist the buildup of static electricity that can occur on plastic surfaces and which can damage delicate equipment if a discharge occurs. They are available in 200mm and 300mm widths on 50m rolls.


Many work areas need workers to be able to move freely from one area to another, but open doors can allow insects to fly where they are not wanted. Yellow tinted anti-insect PVC roll, available in 200mm and 300mm widths, can be used in such situations to provide a physical barrier that insects cannot push through. Not only does the strip curtain provide a physical deterrent, but it is also impregnated with oil of citronella – a natural insect repellent – to discourage insects from congregating around the doorway.

Now you know what type of PVC roll is on offer, you should be able to find the best one for your specific needs.


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