What Is A Plant Growth Chamber And What For It Is Used?

Plant growth cabinets or chambers are essential for research in several applications and they would include

  • plant breeding and genetic research
  • nutrition
  • photosynthesis
  • other plant physiology aspects

What is a plan growth chamber?

A Plant growth chamber is designed to reproduce environmental setting that is beneficial for optimizing plant growth. Here the environmental conditions furbished with humidity and temperature is created so plants can thrive under the condition. These chambers are also called terrestrial plant growth chambers or cabinets.

Features of a plant growth chamber may include the following if you are not in the know:

  • Touch-screen controller
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Observation windows
  • CO2 enrichment
  • Humidity control
  • Air-cooled condensing
  • Spray nozzle packages
  • Remote-controlled condensing
  • Cabinets and shelving
  • Dry alarms
  • Controlled lighting
  • Heated or glass doors
  • Extended temperature ranges

Types of growth chambers

You will also find different types of growth chambers for different purposes. They are generally made of metal and painted with enamel finish in white. Basic models available in the market can be either reach-in or walk-in. Research applications regularly require reach-in plant growth cabinets or incubators. In research projects they will provide lighting for the growth of vascular plants. Additionally they are used in plant pathology, seed growth and development and several other applications.

Reach-in plant growth chamber

The reach-in variety is usually fitted with flip-open, swinging or sliding doors. some of the chambers are provided with more than one cabinet or chamber and they can be controlled with individual controls. For plant growth and research huge range of sizes can be bought to accommodate different types of size of plants.

Walk-in plant growth chamber

This type is also commonly available equipment for research. These are bigger in size and allow researchers to walk in reach plants. Similar to the reach-in, this can also provide lighting for vascular plants and used for regular plant production. This kind is highly suitable for agricultural research, plant pathology, bio-technology, germination of seeds and development. These chambers can be effectively used for a range of commercial crops, which would include soybeans, potatoes and other such cash crops. They have been greatly in used for NASA research in the USA.

If you are involved in any of the above activities the growth cabinets will come handy as they will create the right environmental conditions for growing various plants. You may get the following specifications when you choose to buy them from the market.

  • You can obtain plant growth chambers that facilitate either downward air-flow or upward air-flow. In the former the air diffusers are located at the top. Here the air-handling plenums offer a stable and standardized temperature at the plant canopy. This type of chamber is perfect for growing plants in pots are trays.
  • Upward air-flow types are operated in combination of air-handling plenums that are tapered and disperse air from the bottom of the chamber walls. This provides a constant mixture of air volume and velocity to provide plants with a consistent environment. The cabinets that use upward air-flow are ideal for doing tissue culture and potted plants.

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