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Uses Of Electrotherapy

You may have heard about Electrotherapy earlier, but may be weren’t aware that this is by far the best method to treat patients. If you have ever felt a bit of electric sensation, then it may feel similar to tons of needles and pins attacking. You may feel somewhat similar to it while receiving electrotherapy, but rather than causing pain, it manages the pain as well as promotes healing of tissue.

Electrotherapy equipment physiotherapy are quite useful modality which helps in both physical rehabilitation and therapy. So it uses this electrical equipment or machine, which delivers electrical stimulation to the body of the patient. Such stimulation through electrical machine, facilitates tissue regeneration and muscle healing.

Electrotherapy is not just beneficial to physical therapy but also to many rehabilitation practitioners. There are many uses and benefits associated with Electrotherapy:

  • Relaxation of any joint and muscle spasms
  • Cessation and Prevention of the muscular degeneration because of disuse.
  • It improves and increases the blood flow and circulation.
  • Muscles re-education with the use of targeted stimulation.
  • It also helps in preventing vein thrombosis after the surgery as well.
  • Facilitates the healing of wound.
  • Reduces and manages the pain, whether it is post-traumatic, post-surgical, or chronic.

Electrotherapy could be administered by any good professional or with the use of portable machines such as TENS unit, EMS unit, and MENS unit, which are basically the three main types in electrotherapy.

  • TENS unit

This stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, it is a low risk and non invasive electrical stimulation unit. It is intended to lower the chronic or acute muscle pain.

  • EMS unit

This stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which makes use of electric impulses which mimics similarly to CNS, that causes muscle contraction. This is also used particularly as a training tool or strengthening tool, for healthy and fit athletes and patients. Also can be useful as a preventative and rehabilitative tool for immobilized patients.

  • MENS unit

This stands for Micro-Current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulator, it is called micro current as it sends less than a single unit of electrical current. This helps in the speeding process of healing of the wounds, tendon repair, recovery of ruptured ligament, and so on.

Most electrotherapy equipment is designed particularly for office use. Home Electrotherapy Equipment can also be used by any trained individual, who prefers to experience such relief through electrotherapy from quiet and comfort of their home itself.

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