The modern Islamic clothing for women

Types and Designs of Modern Abayas

The Islamic clothing trends for women have also gone under a lot of transformations. They have not limited themselves in the traditional mode only.

The modern Islamic clothing for women does consider a lot of styles and designs. In fact, Abaya, which is one of the most common dressing variety among Muslim women are available in different designs and cuts these days.

The Closed Abaya

This is a type which is the most common one. it is traditional and simple. In this kind of abaya, one will not find any front buttons and so one does not have to be very conscious about what they are wearing underneath the abaya.

  • They are easy to slip in.
  • One can find comfortable clothes underneath this abaya.
  • As they are traditional ones they can be worn in any occasions.
  • Not much styling is needed apart from matching the hijab with it.
  • The cut of the abaya can vary and some cuts may restrict the movement.

The Open Button Abaya

This variety is more popular for obvious reasons. These abayas as the name goes by come with front open buttons. But as they are front open one has to be careful about what they are wearing under it.

  • As they are front open, they are breast feeding friendly. So for the new mothers, it is a very comfortable option of clothing.
  • They look nice and one can wear them in any occasion. In fact, these abayas are flexible and one can style them in many ways.
  • Also, the cuts are flowy and so they never restrict the body movement.
  • Wear a pair of proper pants beneath this abaya and do not go for leggings because when you walk, your legs will show.

The Abaya Cardi

This is a modern style abaya which has no front button options. In fact, they are available in a lot of designs and sometimes come with a sash or a belt. But this is the latest fashion statement for sure.

  • One can wear and flaunt this new styled abayas in any occasions.
  • It gives you the flexibility to wear anything under it like a dress or a long skirt or a pair of pants.
  • This is also breast feeding friendly.
  • There are no buttons in the front and so one does not have to worry about them.

The Kimono

Here the Japanese traditional dress style is mixed with the abaya style. This is a modern fashion statement when it comes to abaya. It is designed like a Kimono and here one side crosses over the other and they it is tied with a sash.

  • This is new is fashion trend and if you wear them in any occasion you are bound to surprise the people around you.
  • You can wear any dress, skirt or pants under it.

Islamic women wear also includes burqa, hijabs and niqabs. One can wear them depending on the country they live in.


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