CBSE Schools in Gurgaon

Top Rated CBSE Schools in Gurgaon

Generally, Education is very important for all the kids to live in this studious and enlightened world. Parents should concern about the education programme studies of their kids. Basically, it has been observed that number of cases are happening in gurgaon, so every parent is very much scared to admit their child in gurgaon schools. But there are some schools in gurgaon which provide high safety and proper education to the children. Parents should thoroughly visit the schools of gurgaon and know about the environment, culture and rules of the schools to admit their kids.

Here are some top notch CBSE schools in gurgaon are as follows-

  • A.V public school

D.A.V public school is one of the most reputed school in gurgaon which follows CBSE pattern. This school offers classes from pre primary till XII standard. It provides excellent academic classes and extracurricular activities both. Co- curricular classes include some activities such as cricket, volleyball, yoga, tennis, football, art and craft, music, dance, swimming, gymnastics and many more outdoor and indoor activities. This bright school is located in sector 14, gurgaon. Parents can freely admit their kids into this reputation and safe educational institute.

  • The heritage school

The heritage school comes under the top rated and excellent educational institutes of gurgaon. This school follows CBSE pattern and offers classes from 1st to 12th. The main motto of this school is to make the students bright, intelligent and active. Apart from everyday  academic classes, this school also  provides co- curricular classes to all the students which include, skating, guitar, art and craft, dance, gymnastics, hockey, volleyball, swimming, painting, Carrom, chess, paper recycling, fashion and textile designing, pottery and many more activities as well. The heritage school is located in sector 62, gurgaon.

  • Salwan public school

Salwan public school is the top most school in gurgaon. It follows CBSE pattern of syllabus and offer day classes to all the students. This school generally helps students to indulge in all the activities and boost up morale as well. It  provides both academic classes and co- curricular classes such as music, dance, modeling, sketching, painting, art and craft, origami, Kirigami, pottery, calligraphy, sitar, violin, drums, dholak, kung fu and more. This school is located in sector 15, part II, gurgaon.

  • American montessori public school

American montessori public school is the top rated CBSE schools. It provides classes from pre primary to standard XII. It offers academic classes as well as co- curricular classes to the students which include hockey, art and craft, gymnastics, music, volleyball, table tennis and many more. This school is located in L- block, cassia marg, DLF city, gurgaon.

All these are the top schools in gurgaon. Parents can admit their kids in one of these educational institute. All these educational institutes are actually very effective, they provide efficient facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure for the betterment of all the students. Now, people do not have to worry about the safety of their child. These schools will surely provide the best education with higher safety.

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