Top 4 tips to handle Customer Service Queues

Top 4 tips to handle Customer Service Queues

Do you know what is the best way to keep customers happy? If no, the answer is ‘Swift Resolutions’. For the same reason, most of the companies make contact with the BPO firms because the latter know how to solve customer’s queries in a jiffy.

But sometimes customers have to wait in a queue during the phone call because of unavailability of the agents, lack of resources, etc. This aspect not only increases the customer churn rate but also creates a negative image of the brand.

The surprising fact is that 82% customers want their issues solved within a couple of minutes. That’s why call centres always put so much effort to shorten customer wait time.

Are you done with handling long customer service queues? If yes, following tips will get the monkey off your back:  

Promote self-service facility

The best way to reduce customer service queue is to encourage customers to solve all the minor issues on their own. Of course, we are not saying that customers should deal with major issues. But it is imperative to promote self-service facility because this service not only reduces the agent’s work pressure but also helps the customers to get quick solutions without waiting in a queue.

The fact that will leave you amazed is that around 60% people prefer to get connected with the agents to avail desired resolutions, which, in turn, leads to long queues. Therefore, it is advisable for every call centre service provider to allow the agents to make customers aware of the self-service facility during interactions.

Queries should be ended in the right hands

The main reason behind long customer service queues is sometimes customers get redirected to the wrong department where agents try to resolve issues without having a precise knowledge. This factor not only affects the CSAT score but also makes a dent in the business’s reputation.

Therefore, it is advisable for every call centre service provider to implement customer service software so that all the queries get solved by the right agents.

Have all the information at your fingertips

Sometimes, agents waste so much time in digging out the required information like previous interaction history, customer’s data, etc. This aspect not only affects the retention rate but also leads to long queues.

That’s the main reason why every call centre service provider is advised to keep the customer service software updated so that agents can render quick resolutions to enhance customer’s experience.

Arrange customer’s requests properly

To reduce customer service queues, it is significant for the BPO firms to arrange customer’s requests properly. The primary reason behind this is sometimes junior agents take more than enough time to solve complex issues. This aspect not only raises questions about the efficiency of the call centres but also increases the customer attrition rate.

Therefore, it is important to arrange customer’s requests as per the intricacy level. This not only helps the customers in getting swift solutions but also makes the life of junior agents much easier.


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