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Tips to Make your House look Classy and Antique

We have all heard the phrase devil is in the detail. This exact phrase applies for every sphere of our life. Whatever we do in life this is one phrase that should always be kept in mind. This actually helps in our day to day daily activities like studying, playing, cooking, and in general doing everything. Doing something meticulously and concentrating on it while doing it would guarantee you a good result in whatever endeavour you take up in your life.  The same principle should be followed while decoration your house. Consider your house as your little slice of heaven and decorate it to your heart’s content. Your house should become a place that would make you happy the moment you step inside the house. Every little nook and cranny of your house should be designed by you yourself so that it gives you maximum comfort and peace of mind.

Decorating a house is not easy in any sense of the word. There are numerous details that you have to keep in mind. Skipping even one of them might make you unsatisfied with the overall outcome. An example of a detail that people tend to overlook is the doorknob. People use bland doorknobs with their beautifully decorated house. It just dials down the wow factor of the house by that much. Drawer knobs are similar to doorknobs but since drawer knobs are inside the house they affect the entire look of the house much more than the doorknobs. Brass drawer knobs can be bought online and should go well with your house if you are looking for that classy antique look for your house.

The first key thing to do to make your house look all antique and classy is that do not paint the rooms with colours too bright. Then again absolutely bland colours are not advisable as well. A woody colour would do you just fine.

The next thing you should do is take care of the lighting of your house. Do not use very bright lights for every room. Use bright lights for your study but for the living room use lights which are on the dimmer side. It just helps set the mood.

Buy paintings which would go well with your house and hang them up on the wall. Remember to frame the paintings properly.

While buying furniture if possible try to buy furniture made out of wood. They are of better quality than the steel ones, they last longer and are obviously much classier and makes the environment around them feel antique as well.

You can even buy antique brass cupboard knobs which would make your house that much more the way you want it to be. If you follow a certain religion you can always buy things pertaining to that religion and keep them. This would give your house a mystical feel. One word of caution, while buying show pieces to be kept on the living room do not go overboard. Buy simple yet elegant showpiece and buy a few of them so that the ones you own stands out and makes your house look just the way you want.

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