Some Tips to Improve SEO

The following strategies are simple and very significant to effective search engine optimization.

Quality Content        

In order to appear your website/blog in top of the google searches, Quality content is must with strong keywords and SEO. Most significantly, you need to post quality content on your website. Some years back, it is easy to find the top position of search engine results by using the technique ‘Keyword Stuffing’. Here people fills the web content with keywords.  But now the Google became more advanced with changing their algorithms. Today search engine can detect the quality of content, but more strategically placed, keywords.

Websites having poor content should not appear in top of search engine results. It may even be removed from the search engine pages. Use relevant keywords for your website and place them tactically to grow your traffic and draw your targeted visitors. Search engines do not allow keyword stuffing.

Keyword Usage

Optimize your site by utilising keyword-rich content in the first and last paragraph and the titles. Use strong keywords suitably and naturally in these areas. Keyword usage in web pages tell the search engine crawlers what is the purpose of your website. Headings and titles do a similar function and are most effective if they are truly descriptive.

Occasionally analyse Google AdWords for the most common keywords for your niche. Keyword popularity varies over time, so it is vital to study your selected keywords to ensure you are continuously using general keywords. When you change your keywords it is a good time to improve your content with new ideas.


Backlinks are backbone of Search Engine Optimization. The main aim of Off Page Optimization is creating Backlinks. Backlinks from quality websites will results in doing wonders in search engine optimization. Now that your site comprises well written and useful content and relevant keywords placed for maximum benefit, you can create obtaining backlinks.

A simple way to obtain organic and appropriate backlinks is through creating articles and submit it to article directories. Some other techniques to create quality content is through Guest Blogging, Press Releases, Directory Submissions and Forum Participation. They are explained below.

Guest Blogs: Write quality contents and submit it to blogs accepting Guest Blogs. Also place at least one backlink in the content.

Press Releases: Press Release websites allows, people to submit their post in the website. They can also add backlinks in the post.

Directory Submissions: You can submit your url in directory submission sites. There are regular and paid options available for people to submit their url. It would be reviewed in one or two days to get published for paid users. Regular Users want to wait upto 6 months for get published, because of the bulk submissions.

Forum Discussion: Create a Forum account and start threads related to your website subject and engage in discussion. Also add Signature that point you back to your website.

The Author of this article, Arun Mohan is writing articles for Swap Dial and Agrraj Consultancy Services

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