Things you need to know before going in for Arthroplasty

Osteoarthritis abbreviated as OA is the degenerative joint disease which is mostly chronic. This is generally treated with medications and physiotherapy. However in extreme cases when other non surgical treatments like therapies and medications do not help, a surgery is inevitable. Osteoarthritis involves the type of arthritis that is caused by the wearing away of the flexibility tissues at the end of bony tissue. Minimally invasive surgeries are taking over the most conventional ways of operation in different hospitals across our country. Arthroplasty and arthroscopy are two such examples.

  • The speciality of minimally invasive surgery is that its uses thin needles and minute surgical incisions that reduces surgical trauma to a great extent. An endoscope assists in visually guiding the surgery all through the process. Minimally invasive surgery is can be of two types robotic and non robotic or endoscopic. In this kind of surgeries know large opening is made, as in the case of traditional open surgeries. The minimally invasive techniques have all the benefits of the former while greatly reducing post operational pain and enhancing quick recovery. But the choosing of the latter depends on the seniority of the condition, location of the joints and the damage caused.
  1. Arthroscopy a kind of minimally invasive surgery, is one great alternative nowadays to the conventional open surgeries of joints. It involves performing two consecutive incisions for a close scrutiny and therapeutic remedy to the damage caused in the interiors of a joint. The process is performed with the help of an arthroscope which is basically a kind of camera, inserted during operation through a small incision into the joint. This helps the surgeon with a clear view of the joint area he is operating on, via a video monitor. The second incision is made through which minute surgical instruments are introduced into the joint area mainly for the removal of the damaged tissue, a probable suturing and other restitutions. Arthroscopy can effectively treat a variety of joint troubles that includes wear and tear, joint injuries, osteoarthritis, and other inflammatory and non inflammatory conditions.
  2. Arthroplasty, the other name of joint replacement is the second important kind of minimally invasive surgery. Here the damaged or arthritic joint or bony surfaces are first removed by arthroscopy and then joined or replaced by an artificial joint or bone. The latter is known as prosthesis which is a general term for an artificial organ, joint etc. Whether the joint is replaced, realigned or remodeled it holds the same goal of pain reduction and the restoration of the function of the damaged joint. This operative procedure does it with the help of artificial and durable materials. Arthroplasty is done variety of places including the hips, shoulder, knees etc. Knee replacement in India are now easier with the advancement of various techniques.


 Damage from rheumatoid arthritis, osteonecrosis, osteoarthritis, and other joint damage from injuries or disease are effectively cured via minimally invasive surgeries like arthroscopy and arthroplasty. Joint replacement can be partial or total.

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