The Benefits Of Installing PVC Strip Curtain In A Warehouse

Large, cavernous, noisy, cold and possibly dusty too, the warehouse is a space that many businesses rely on for storing goods as well as being the location for all kinds of manufacturing and construction processes. Installing a PVC strip curtain in key areas of the warehouse brings many benefits.

1 Temperature regulation

For cold storage areas, a PVC strip curtain will be of benefit in helping to control temperature. Aside from this, strip curtains are also ideal additions at main warehouse entrances too.

Regular movements goods in and out of a warehouse, as well as inside, mean that opening and shutting roller doors becomes an issue. Strip curtains minimise draughts, helping to keep heat in during colder spells, contributing to the warehouse being a more pleasant place to work.

2 Easier and cheaper to replace than doors

Opening and closing doors, banging into them with a forklift and other large equipment places a stress on the door itself, as well as shutters, and the opening and closing mechanism.

Opening and closing doors and shutters is a nuisance and expensive to repair and maintain. But strip curtains are made from tough, durable PVC will withstand many different kinds of use and are much easier to replace – and more cost effective too.

3 Protection

If manufacturing processes in the warehouse create dust, strip curtains form an effective barrier to keep as much of this dust and debris in the warehouse so that the dust extraction system captures more.

As well as adding an energy efficient layer to the warehouse, PVC strip curtains reduce the amount of dust and debris polluting the air.

4 Cost and energy efficient

It’s been hinted that strip curtains improve energy efficiency by keeping heat in and cold out, and for your energy bills, this is welcome news. Strip curtains are a cost-effective investment, reducing what you pay for energy.

5 Minimising delays

When temperature regulation is essential for goods, including food and pharmaceuticals, opening and closing doors plays havoc with maintaining the correct temperature. This means waiting for the temperature to reach its optimum level, culminating in delays.

A strip curtain minimises temperature loss, reducing delays and thus reducing cost implications too.

6 Improved workplace safety

The safety of warehouse employees is paramount. A PVC strip curtain can be used to note a change in the use in key areas of the warehouse. The temperature regulation also offers improved workplace safety, as well as reducing noise pollution.

7 Reduce noise pollution

Noise in a warehouse can be a real issue. Such a vast open space allows sound to travel and echo, making it an uncomfortable place to work. A strip curtain forms an effective barrier to noise, reducing noise levels and containment.

8 Zone areas

PVC strip curtains are valuable in different colours and design making it a useful tool for when you want to create smaller areas within a warehouse. For example, a blue strip curtain denotes a cold storage area, red strips could be used for another area and so on. Using clear strip curtains at the warehouse entrance won’t obstruct the view too much either.

Made to measure, easy to install, easy to maintain

Strip curtains are a common sight in many warehouses, a testament to their versatility and the benefits that they offer.

Made to measure, their fit is exact, so you get the best from them, and with quick and easy installation too, you won’t end up with a large installation bill either. Better still, keeping them clean takes no more than a wash down with warm, soapy water, with any damaged strips easily removed and replaced.


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