best South Indian restaurants in CP

Taste Simple and Traditional South Indian Food

We all think that south Indian Cuisine comes from one state of the south. But it refers to five states of south India. The name of five states in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. South Indian cuisine doesn’t have single state cuisine; it’s a combination of five state cuisines.

South Indian cuisine has a variety of dishes and flavor. Their food is very light and healthy north India, people enjoy south Indian dishes so much. People enjoy south Indian food at any time. South Indian food has a variety of dishes and different flavor.  In India, there are few best restaurants which offer best south Indian food at reasonable rates.

The similarities between all these five states are the presence of rice and some spice ether spices are dried like red chilies, coconut, and native fruits. All these five states follow some common recipes for making dishes. In Kerala and Tamil Naidu are in the coastal area of South and used rice mostly. The famous cuisine of South India is idly, Dossa, Upma, and appam. All these dishes are famous amongst North Indian People too. South Indian food is very simple to prepare and people can make their house also. Nowadays women are prepared idly and other dishes at their home also and all the family enjoys. There are few restaurants which serve south Indian food as their specialty and people enjoy south Indian Food in their restaurants. South Indian food has different taste and aroma. People enjoy south Indian food at their favorite restaurants. And visit their favorite place again and again. In CP few restaurants serve best South Indian restaurants in CP. South Indian food has a variety of dishes but dishes have gravies and mainly use chutneys. Few dishes are very popular amongst people. In south Indian Cuisine, most dishes are prepared using rice. And some common ingredients like dried red chili, curry leaves, and some spices. In south Indian Food, few dishes are vegetarian and few are non-vegetarian. People eat dishes according to their taste. And enjoy their meal.  In south Indian food, there are specific recipes and ingredients which enhance the flavor of the dishes. Few are common and important ingredients which enhance the taste of dishes like coconut. In south Indian dishes, people make chutney of coconut .which they serve with dosa and idly. In south Indian restaurants of Delhi, people enjoy food because all the restaurants hire a trained chef. They cook traditional south Indian dishes.

In Delhi, there is N Number of restaurants which serves best south Indian Food at reasonable rates. In Delhi, people are a foodie and have different dishes to taste.  So there are lots of restaurants which serve best south Indian cuisines in their restaurants as their specialty. And people enjoy their food so much. Few south Indian restaurants which serve best south Indian restaurants in Delhi.

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