Physics Preparation

How to Take a Good Preparation in Physics

Class 12 is a very important phase in the lives of every student. Physics is a compulsory subject of Science stream and all the students should start their Physics preparation as early as possible. Physics is a conceptual subject that means each and every concept should be properly understood in order to score a good mark in this subject. Before proceeding towards the preparation, all students should make their preparation strategy for maintaining a proper consistency in the study. The timetable can be made as per one’s convenience, but every day a significant portion of time should be kept for theoretical as well as numerical part of Physics.

The NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Current Electricity is associated with the solutions of the chapter Current Electricity. It is a very important chapter and the students should properly take care of this chapter. This chapter is associated with the Electricity concept and lots of numerical problems. Students should practice these numerical problems after completing the theoretical part.

Physics Preparation Tips

The preparation should be started from the very first chapter and every concept should be followed by its relevant numerical problem solving. The students should make a separate copy of problem solving and a notebook for writing down the formulas. If the students experience any kind of problem, then they should consult their respective teachers. As per some students, Physics is somewhat difficult subject, as most of the part of this subject is based on pure concepts and their applications. So, if the concept is not properly cleared, then their application (on numerical problem solution or question answer) is not possible. After completing one chapter, its formulas and relevant short notes can be taken down in the notebook. The already-learned concepts should be revised multiple times.

After covering the whole prescribed syllabus, the students should start solving the previous year questions along with numerical problems. These will be helpful for them in order to brush-up their knowledge and concept to a great extent and before the exam, the students can appear for a number of mock tests. By appearing for the mock-tests, they can get some idea of the actual exam. So, if the students can take a solid preparation, then they can score a good mark in each and every subject, including Physics.

 The cbse class 12 Physics chapter 8 is associated with the chapter Electromagnetic Waves. The following topics have been covered in this particular chapter:

  • Displacement Current
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum

The particular chapter is not a very easy chapter, as it is featured with some complicated topics and at first, all of the theoretical concepts should be properly cleared first and then the students should proceed towards the numerical question-solving. This chapter is rich in various formulas that are essential for the numerical part, so those formulas should be written down in a notebook and practiced on a regular basis.

Physics requires a lot of attention, as it is rich in various concepts and numerical questions. Covered chapters should be revised again and again along with lots of problem-solving.

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