Significance of Naturalistic Peptides in Human Body

Peptides are the molecules or compounds those bear the peptide bond. Natriuretic peptides, as the name suggested the peptides which bring out the excess sodium in the urine. Natrium means sodium in Greek.

The process of excreting the excess sodium in urine is natriuresis. Natriuretic are hormones in nature and these hormones are released by the heart. These natriuretic hormones bear the natriuresis as well as kaliuretic property. There are about four types of natriureric hormones in general. These are ANP (atrial natriuretic peptide), BNP (B type natriuretic peptide, CNP (C type natriuretic peptide) and DNP (dendroaspis natriuretic peptide). A type hormone is produced in the atrial myocytes cells as well as other tissues. This hormone is synthesized from the lots of amino acids those bear the blood pressure lowering property.

It is done through diuretic process, in which excess urea is released. These also act as the vasodilator. B type is present in the ventricles cells. It is brain natriuretic peptide. It brings out the ventricle dilation in effective manner. CNP is existed in brain as well as in the heart. These hormones are used t treat so many heart related problems. These are proved to be very significant in the heart related diseases. These are really a boon to clinical area; lots of heart related problems are treated through these peptides. These hormones within the body helped to regulate the blood flow through the heart.

Water volume is controlled by these hormones by excreting the large amount of the sodium and calcium in the urine. Natriuretic peptides are very useful in order to cure the cardiac diseases. These diseases also associated with kidney failure and paralysis. If these can be introduced at right time, then the patient can be saved. These are synthesized by large number of amino acid molecules and these are very essential to cure deadly diseases. Research has been done on these hormones and different ways to produce them are to be evolved in order to get the best results from these hormones. BNP is produced when ventricle expands and stretches due to the extra fluid in it. It acts as powerful diuretic to release the extra fluid in the urine. CNP also used to lower the blood pressure in the body. Thus all of these carry potent clinical applications ad these are in great demands in the pharmaceutical companies.

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