Scrumptious Snacks that Make Anyone Foodie!

If you love to munch on delicious cuisines, crispy snacks and variety of different dishes then 21st century is for you. Wherever you go, you are going to encounter so much of deliciousness and taste. You can come across plenty of snacks that are heart stealing. If you have never tried to explore different snacks then have a look at some of the most popular indo-Chinese snacks below: Before you get started, it is important for you to know that these dishes are popular in India. These eatables are hugely modified to suit Indian palate and are a type of fusion dishes.

Veg Kothe

Talking about Veg Kothe, it is an Indo- Chinese snack that is prepared with numerous veggies. This is a dish wherein different vegetables are prepared and blended with a glaze of honey. The best thing about this dish is that it gives a great flavour and fragrance. If you have never tried it at home, you can use Veg kothe recipe in Hindi for your preparation.


Have you ever tried out veg manchurian? It is in both shapes wet and dry.  In this dish, fried veg balls are coated in a spicy, sweet and tasty sauce. You can make the gravy as spicy and thick as you want it to be. Some people even make it really chilly by adding red chillies.

Veg spring rolls 

It is a popular Chinese snack filled with plenty of vegies.  In case you have the wrappers prepared, then making spring rolls is not challenging. Just add the mixture of some delicious vegetables and you are good to go. This snack can be relished during evenings. It turns out to be really satisfying and gratifying after you return from office in the evening.

Gobi manchurian dry

This is an amazing indo Chinese snack of pan fried cauliflower florets covered with a spicy tangy sauce. Gobi in this dish is embellished with utmost spice and delicious spices. Your kids are certainly going to love this dish. You must try it out at least once. You can even serve this dish as a snack in your kitties.

Chilli paneer

If you are a lover of cheese then this dish is not going to disappoint you. This Indo-Chinese dry chilipaneer snack is winning hearts.  You can serve this spicy chilipaneer as starter snack or you can even roll them in chapatis and prepare a chilipaneer wrap. As the name denotes, the chilli paneer snack is full of chillies and paneer. A single bite of this will hook you for long.

Veg Manchow soup

It is a spicy and hot soup prepared with mixed vegetables.  Everybody knows that soups are comfort delights and food during the times of winters or monsoons. This veggie, soupy dish is really fulfilling and comforting. You will definitely feel pampered after eating this saucy snack. Make sure that you munch on these snacks when it is hot. It tastes sublime when it’s hot!

So, get started with your exploration with these discussed Indo-Chinese snacks!

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