Quick tips to make outbound telemarketing more successful

Nowadays, no one is unaware of the importance of telemarketing as it has become the need for growing a business. Many multinational companies avail this service from the call centres to increase the sales of their products whereas small or medium-sized firms hesitate while doing the same. The reason behind this is the difference between the output results of inbound and outbound telesales and that’s why many corporations have been putting efforts to improve their outbound telemarketing services.

Have a dekko at the following tips that will help in improving the results of outbound telemarketing:

v Effective script

There are many firms which avail outbound telemarketing services from the call centre companies so that their products get promoted globally ultimately leading to high revenues. Telesales is a process where two parties interact with each other to ensure a sale. The BPO companies ensure to provide script to their agents. This script helps the calling agents to respond to the customer’s complaints precisely and swiftly. Apart from that, telemarketing agents always get the training which helps them to find the best replies on the script quickly. This ensures that nothing can break their conversation flow and paves the way for better communication.

v Proper training 

Sometimes BPO firms expect that their newly hired agents will perform like their experienced ones and here the former make the first mistake that affects their output. Apart from that, unexperienced calling agents don’t communicate with the customers properly because of the nervousness and that leads to poor output. Therefore, it is always advisable for call center companies to give proper training to their agents to make them productive.

v Scorecard system

If you are a call centre firm owner and want to make your outbound telemarketing services more effective, it is advisable for you to implement scorecard system so that calling agents can identify their mistakes easily. In addition to this, they get encouraged after seeing the better scores of other agents.

v Contests

Contests are the another best way to boost the productivity levels. There are many contact centres that organise contests after every 2 to 3 months. This not only ensures the better results but also keeps the telesales team’s morale high. Apart from that, every agent gets to know about their real strengths and that is not less than icing on the cake.

v Involve telesales team for successful strategies

As we know that, employees have always been the strongest pillar of any company. Involvement of telesales team while making strategies can make the outbound telemarketing services more effective. These telesales experts ensure to implement the correct modifications to enhance the promotion campaigns, owing to their experience in handling customers. This experience offers these telemarketing experts a fair idea of what customers expect.

v Improvement in the incentive program

Whenever we talk about incentives, the first thing that comes to our mind is it is related to a good amount of money. If you are a business owner, you need to understand that money cannot do the trick every time while making outbound telesales more productive. There are many organisations that offer incentives in terms of shift preferences, vacation approvals, team dinner, and much more. Therefore, making some changes in the incentive program can help you in getting better results.

v Give freedom:

If you are an owner of a business, you need to understand that giving little-bit extra freedom to your agents can help you in getting better results. There are many firms that put extra pressure on their telesales team to complete their daily tasks and that not only affects their productivity but also reduces their job satisfaction level. So, it is suggested to you to make your firm’s work environment better without compromising the rules or profit levels.

v Give positive feedback to deserving agents

If you are a business owner, it is advisable to you to give positive feedback to your proficient employees because it not only increases their confidence level but also engage other agents who aren’t working to their full potential. So, always remember one thing that few positive words to your telemarketers can do the trick while increasing their productivity level.

Final Takeaway:

Above-mentioned points are written in an elaborated manner so that you can understand how to make outbound telesales more effective. If you still want to know more or have some questions regarding the same, please tell us in our comment section and get quick answers. Don’t forget to follow us to know more about the call centre services.

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