Pro Tips for Selecting a Good Hotel Online

Pro Tips for Selecting a Good Hotel Online

Before you arrive in Penang island, it is crucial that you already made hotel arrangements for a seamless and uneventful check-in. The good news is you can make arrangements online. For many, this presents a challenge because they cannot see the actual room until they arrive. Sometimes the pictures online are not what they seem to be.

To avoid such disappointment and frustration, here are some tips from professional travelers when selecting a hotel online:

Determine what is it that you want from a hotel

At the onset, it is important that you know what you want from a hotel. If you do not know what you want then how can you choose the right one? Before you search, it is prudent to make a list of the things that you need to have a good night’s stay.

Simply put, you need to think about what you want in terms of the basic amenities, location and most especially the price. Once you have a good grasp of what you are looking for, it will be a lot easier to look for a good hotel online.

Learn about the “holy grail” of amenities                                                     

If you are particular about the amenities, you should know about the “holy grail” of hotel amenities. The “holy grail” covers four amenities that the hotel should offer – parking, breakfast, air-conditioning, and Wi-Fi. It is important that you check first to see if there are costs associated with these amenities.

Check the website of the hotel

To check the hotel policies and amenities, it is better to visit the hotel’s official website. If you want, you can call the hotel directly.

Look at the map to ascertain the location of the hotel

Traveling is all about location. If you do not know where the hotel is in relation to where you want to be in the city, you will not be happy as soon as you arrive. You often read hotel describing that they are “near” attractions. Your biggest mistake is assuming that you can just walk to the attraction.

To avoid such disappointments, you need to check a map to help you determine the location of the hotel. While you are at it, see how long it takes to reach the attractions, shopping, and dining areas for an informed decision.

Pay more attention to published reviews

Paying more attention to published reviews means considering recommendations from different travel sites and travel bloggers. To find a recommended hotel in Penang island, make sure that the reviews are published within the last year.

The recommendations may be in the form of ratings. When it comes to interpreting the rating, it can be tricky. Some hotels were magnificent three-four years ago in terms of décor, management, and amenities but you should understand that a lot could happen. With this, it is important to read reviews and ratings that are published within the last year.

Do not forget to spend according to your budget. As a traveler, you know that your budget will dictate where you will stay during your trip. You have to consider the total money you are willing to spend on quality lodging to make a decision.

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