How NETGEAR Genie helps in NETGEAR Router Setup

Ever since the creation of WiFi, our inclination towards digitization has been increased even more. It will not be wrong to say that WiFi has taken the world by storm. However, if we talk about its other side, we have been started experiencing issues like a webpage takes ages to load, lack of enough coverage and range, etc. But with further innovative introductions such as NETGEAR Extender Setup, mywifiext, NETGEAR Genie and more, managing WiFi devices has become a fun.

With NETGEAR Genie app, users can even perform NETGEAR Router Setup with great ease. All they have to do is read this full post carefully. So, why waiting? Let’s get started with the process to set up NETGEAR Router using the Genie app.

A brief introduction about NETGEAR Genie

For those who are too new to the app, here is a brief overview.

Genie is an awesome app which provides a dashboard to set up a WiFi range extender and wireless home or workplace router. It contains different sections like internet, router settings, WiFi connection, ReadyShare, network support and a lot more. A clear differentiation of these sections makes it easier to use the app – even a newbie faces no issue while using the app.

This tool is available for both desktop and mobile. One can download its desktop version from its official website while for mobile version, they have to visit Google Play Store or App Store.

Without further ado, let’s tell you about how NETGEAR Genie helps in NETGEAR Router Setup. Read on.

NETGEAR Genie Login for Wireless Router

Genie comes with numerous features. And NETGEAR Genie Login is the gateway to that features.

Download the app and create a valid account using username and password. When you open the app, it presents you with a dashboard. After that, a login page will appear asking for username and password.

Enter them correctly and access your wireless router or main access point.

NETGEAR Smart Genie Setup for Router

After logging into your router, you have to go through NETGEAR Smart Genie Setup page. It will make your router setup process easier than ever.

Use the default IP address i.e. to log in to house or workplace router. Just open a web browser and access this IP address as a web URL.

Access Router Settings

Genie app contains a separate section for router settings. Here, you can set up security settings, change network name and password, wireless settings and much more. But to do so, you have to log in to the router by entering correct details.

With the help of this panel, you can create a guest network for friends and family members so that there is no need to share private WiFi password with them.

Once you are done with setting changes, don’t forget to save them by hitting apply button. Otherwise, all your hard work will go in vain.

Update NETGEAR Firmware

What’s more is that Genie app enables you to keep a regular check on new firmware updates. Just open the app, log in to router and search whether a new NETGEAR Firmware version is available or not.

If available, grab that immediately by downloading on your device as it comes with several bug fixes, security updates and much more.

So, that’s how NETGEAR Genie helps in NETGEAR Router Setup. The app runs on any smart device having an internet browser. Though it is very simple to set up router with genie, yet some users come across a number of issues which can make a head spin. In this case, you should opt for instant and reliable technical support from highly-experienced technicians by dialing toll-free 1-888-829-5515. They will endow you with targeted and permanent solutions to remove every issue from the root. Call now and check yourself how efficient these technicians are.


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