How to Move Towards a Calmer and Stress Free Mind

How to Move Towards a Calmer and Stress Free Mind

We live in a rather chaotic life of which one of the most threatening realities are the stress of the mind. Yes, stress is something that can give rise not only to mental discomfort but also breed long term diseases like diabetes, high blood sugar, polycystic ovaries and all the other lifestyle diseases. It has often been seen that too much stress and the fear of failure leads to serious bouts of fever and depression.

It is very important thus for us to keep yourselves as stress free as possible. Sadly, this is easier said than done. But if you are keen on making yourself stress free as much as possible, then there are some time tested techniques that you can always of which one of the most effective ones come through the various spiritual practises.

Stress and spirituality

Spirituality is not just a question of belief in a divine being, but rather is a practise of healthy habits that promotes a calmer mind. If you look up spirituality in hindi you will see that there are various well know ways through which you can keep yourself stress free as much as possible. Wondering what the connection might be between stress and spirituality? Well its simple really- meditation is one of the most key aspects of any form of spirituality, and when you meditate you move towards a calmer state of affairs. Meditation not only soothes and heals your stress ridden mind but it also ensures that you get the right boost in your brain and nerve cells which in turn promotes a better power of concentration. Thus meditation is greatly advised when you have an important meeting coming up or right before the examinations. Meditation is a time tested Indian practise which has survived since the ancient times. This is one practise that is known to solve many diseases as well since it boosts will power and makes people calm and definitely more confident about themselves. Chanting the word ‘om’ during meditating for some time, has also proved to be rather effective in most cases.

The problems of meditation

What promotes stress in the mind? Surely your thoughts which keep on rummaging on the things that are bothering you! And what is the thing that you must do in order to meditate? You need to clear your mind and concentrate on nothing else but a calm and blank mind. Now this is where the more problem lies- how will you soothe a stress ridden mind? This is another sector, where spirituality comes in handy. When you see spirituality articles in hindi you will see that this entails certain factors- like creating the right atmosphere with the help of candles and incense sticks. These are known to have healing effects on the mind and hence they in turn make sure that your mind calms down and you can relax a little bit so that you can begin the process of meditation.

Thus getting rid of stress and spirituality are intertwined in more ways than one. Do try out this age old techniques when battling against stress.

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