More Value at Upstream Layer in Technological Advancement Pyramid

Technology is the innovator of the innovative world. And it brings using a framework. Compared with the traditional governmental framework, this framework is Methods written by technicians, researchers, etc. and not congressmen and governmental figures.

The worldwide competitors are mostly who has the best technological group to write the best one; in this case, Methods, that consist of patents, technological procedures, resources, and so on. As a country produces, assumes, is applicable and diffuses properly the items in this framework, it raises the lives of its people. The more advancement a country chases, the more it refines this framework.

The age of organic sources prominent worldwide business and market is gone. What issues now is developing knowledge and applying it. Some countries will make; others will merely eat. But prosperity is focused at the innovative stage and countries that concentrate on taking, without developing technology will not flourish.

Even with variety of organic sources, which in many instances, the taking countries cannot individually process without the skills associates will not change this velocity of restricted nationwide prosperity without technology development.

On this basis, I individual the two levels where countries use and contest with technology Chemistry help as upstream and downstream levels. It is like a two-layer chart where the downstream is at the bottom with the upstream sitting on top. What happens here is that some countries concentrate on the downstream layer while others merge both the downstream and upstream levels.

For the other countries, usually developing, they contend at know-how chart mainly at the downstream layer. They lack the know-how to make factors and commercialize technology perceptive qualities. The countries are not motivated by technology, rather products. They are vulnerable to trade bumps and are usually financially non-vibrant. They are not able to build a fortune using technology and have fun with the chart as customers or prosumers.

The money is in the upstream industry; a primary reason we have the foreign associates focused therein. That is where the skills development is done and utilized in the market. I am careful to say, without the skills associates in Nigeria, helping to discover this raw oil, Nigeria cannot my own this product.

This will follow a design where towns have water beneath them but no discovery skills to utilize water for cooking and drinking. That is the problem of anchoring nationwide strategy at the downstream level. It does not have advancement. People find unfair means then to get rid of poverty such as they like bitcoin casino.

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