If You Love Driving, Avoid These 5 Countries

Car accidents could happen anywhere in the world. However, they tend to be more apparent in developed countries as they places have high traffic volume and are usually crowded.

Five Countries with Highest Traffic Accident Rate

Developed countries are known for their healthy economy and relatively stabilized political governance; however, some of them are underdeveloped as far as road safety is concerned.

The following countries are considered “first world” countries, but they are also susceptible to fatal traffic accidents:

Canada – This country is the 10th country on list of vehicle accident-prone countries. It is estimated that in every 100,000 Canadians, 9.6 percent of people are killed due to car accidents. Fatal traffic accidents are particularly common during winter months because of slippery and icy roads that make it hard for many Canadian drivers.

Australia – One of the most colorful and rich countries in the world, Australia is also plagued with traffic accidents here and there. In every 100,000 Australians, 10 people are killed due to car accidents. According to the Australian Road and Traffic Authority (RTA), speeding drivers are the most common cause of fatal road accidents in the Land Down Under.

Italy – Italian drivers are commonly stereotyped as fast and adventurous drivers because of the sports cars the country manufacture. However, the love for speed of Italians is not synonymous to inclination to road safety. Approximately, 12.9 percent per 100,000 people is killed due to road accidents every year

Belgium – Belgium is known for producing sweet and tasty Belgian chocolates, but in terms of road accident fatalities, Belgium is not in any way sweet. According to studies, at least 15.4 percent per 100,000 people is killed due traffic accidents in Belgium.

United States – This superpower nation does not have so much power in preventing road fatalities. In every 100,000 Americans, about 15.5 people are killed in car accidents. Common causes of fatal road accidents in the US include drunk driving, distracted driving, and violation of traffic rules.

In England, traffic accidents happen on a daily basis – an unfortunate fact that English drivers have to deal with. As mentioned above, speeding is one of the most common causes of road accidents in the country. In addition to speeding, other factors that are associated with car accidents include intoxicated driving, distracted driving (texting while driving), violation of traffic laws, and poor car maintenance.

Probably the most underrated cause of accidents in England is poor car maintenance. When a vehicle is poorly maintained it is exceptionally more prone to accidents. This is why it is very important for any car owner to ensure that his or her vehicle is up to safety standards and is road-worthy before operating it. This means checking your car for defects or mechanical issues before hitting the road, and visiting car repair centres on a regular basis to determine whether or not your vehicle is safe to drive.

If you wish to customize or improve your car’s performance, it is very important to buy only genuine and quality car parts. While England is not part of the list above, you can’t really be too confident about your safety. Planning on a vacation in Manchester? If you are not a fan of self-driven cars, you would want to consider coach hire Manchester. Your driver will surely know the best routes and will practice safe driving, ensuring your safety for the whole trip.

In order to ensure safety while driving, do what coach hire Manchester business owners do: invest in quality parts. Whether it is alloy wheels, brakes and suspensions, lights, interior accessories, or exterior accessories, it is important not to go cheap on car parts. Furthermore, it is a must to check your vehicle before driving it to ensure that it is free from defects and mechanical problems.

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