How to Choose Your Own Neon Bar Sign

Neon signs have been a popular addition to interiors for some time, and have recently experienced a resurgence thanks to the likes of Instagram which has driven a love of all things visual. From homes to businesses, neon signs can enhance the appearance of any interior space. However, there is one industry where a neon sign can really uplift your existing décor.

Neon bar signs are a perfect choice for your bar, or even restaurant, especially if you’re hoping to add that wow factor. In an industry where competition is rife in every city, it’s critical that you find a way to stand out. So, if you’re looking to add something unique to your bar, consider a neon sign.

Neon sign styles

Neon art comes in many different forms, with each one having its own benefits. It’s essential that you find the right style to suit your bar or restaurant’s interior, depending on the space you have available.

Neon on print can provide the combination of two mediums, which can add to your theme with ease. Similarly, wooden panels can provide an authentic backdrop for your colourful neon sign.

If you were hoping for a bigger visual impact, neon infinity boxes and neon mirror boxes create an eye-catching effect, allowing you to display neon in a completely different dimension to the usual.

The impact of neon in your bar

Remember that your neon bar sign should be in keeping with the rest of your décor, whether that be the colour scheme or the overall theme of your bar or restaurant. After all, there’s little point investing in a bright burger-shaped sign if you’re a pizza restaurant!

Installing a neon sign in your bar can bring a number of benefits to your business that you may not realise at first. Being such a visual addition to your décor, neon signs can help to get even more customers through your door; something that could be extra helpful in the busy Christmas period. People love snapping and sharing pictures of unique interior design trends, which can act as word of mouth for your establishment too.

Having a neon sign in your bar or restaurant can act as an advertisement; after all, on a dreary day with your neon sign shining through the window, you’re more likely to find customers escaping the wintry weather conditions!

A neon bar sign can set the atmosphere for the space too, giving off a warm glow and creating a focal point for the room. This is particularly great if you’ve already got an established colour theme; match it with your neon sign and watch the whole room light up!

Choosing the right neon bar sign

For your neon sign, you can choose from a number of ideas. Keep it retro with a neon cocktail, or a classic Happy Hour sign above the bar. You might want to consider if you have a signature dish or drink that you can transform into a neon sign.

If you want to steer away from neon food, why not choose a slogan or quote that relates to your establishment? The possibilities are endless, especially when you remember you can get your very own neon sign custom made to keep!


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