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Homeopathy and its Characteristics


Homeopathy is a type of medical practice, in which natural substances having medicinal values are diluted with the help of spirit are given to the patients having specific ailments. They are either prepared in the form of concoctions or given as tablets. It was developed long back by a German doctor called Samuel Hahnemann. The main principle behind the development of homeopathic medicinal practice is that the small amount of toxin, if used in different doses are able to cure disease. Just for an example poison ivy in spite of being poisonous is able to cure rashes when prepared properly and prescribed in the required amount. Although no scientific theories are present to back the homeopathic practice and that might be the reason for its underuse.

Homeopathy vs Allopathy

From its inception homeopathy faced a tough competition with allopathy. Allopathy or the conventional medicines are mainly made of chemical drugs which are very much specific in their work of action. Homeopathy believes in removing the disease from its root so it never affects again. However, with allopathy that won’t happen. They are mainly periodic and are effective up to a certain time interval in the body. Adding to that allopathy some time accompanied with a lot of side effects as well. Homeopathy does not have such a problem associated with it as the product is natural. Still, due to lack of scientific evidence, this particular medical practice lacks behind the allopathic medicinal practice.

Preparation of medicines

Homeopathic medicines are prepared with the help of the spirits further diluting to a particular amount with the help of water. For example, if a medicine is made with poison ivy for the treatment of allergies and rashes, the measure is generally one part toxin is to 10 part of the water or alcohol which diluting the toxin making it usable. After that the whole process of mixing is repeated almost 30 times to get the final working solution.

Dangers with Homeopathy

Although problems are also associated with the homeopathic medicines. In many natural substances, there may be many minerals that can be harmful to the human being. For example, zinc is known for reducing the smelling power in the human beings. So along with the natural, these minerals can easily go inside the body to cause problems. This has been very much prominent with the usage of a particular type of homeopathic medicine called Zicam. Zicam is used for curing the cough and cold condition. Although it is responsible for a temporary or permanent loss of smell of the users.

Trust homeopathy

Although this medicinal practice is not overly used still many cities have good homeopathic doctors. There are many homeopathy doctors in Bangalore also. In spite of having a good education on homeopathy these doctors are not been able to practice their study in regard to the cure of the diseases. We just need to trust them as homeopathy has all the capability to cure in a permanent basis as this method is almost similar to that of the vaccination and inoculation practice, which has been a great success in the medicinal world.

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