Healthy Competition Among Readymade Shirt Manufacturers In India

Clothing is an essential part of our body which can never be neglected. Clothing represents the items that we wear. Clothing can be made from various fabrics known to man and by animal skins too.Clothing improves the comfort of the wearer. It protects from sunburn during summer and provides thermal insulation in winters.It also performs cultural and social functions.

Factors affecting clothing

As the humans evolved from homoerectus to homosapiens, their clothing too evolved from clothes made of leaves or animal skin to modern day clothing made from fabrics like cotton, polyester, nylon etc. Type of clothes worn by a human depends upon various factors like geographical conditions, society in which ones live, cultural obligations, body type, and gender.

If we look two to three centuries back, there were no industries and also we were living under someone else’s rule, the resources were enough but we weren’t able to utilize them. So, people used to wear hand-woven clothes and that too which they used to sew themselves.

Clothing comprises of shirt, trousers, turbans, dhoti, sari etc. Back then men generally used to wear a vest and a dhoti. Shirts weren’t affordable. It was when readymade shirt manufacturers in india established themselves that people were able to buy them. India proved to be a huge market for readymade shirts. Thus, many companies came into existence which led to the rise of competition among various manufacturers. It was a blessing in disguise for the people as the shirts became cheap and were within the reach of a common man.

Clothing styles-

  • Western- Garment industry got mechanized and the synthetic fibers were easily available in the market. Easy access to synthetic fibers changed the meaning of being ‘stylish’. Jeans became too popular which were worn by both men and women. The western style of clothing spread very fast in the world. It became the most popular kind of styling. Various readymade shirt manufacturers in indiacollaborated with several foreign brands which brought these expensive brands to the reach of people.
  • Ethnic or cultural- These are generally worn on some special occasion like a festival or a cultural event. Sometimes it is made mandatory to wear certain clothing items in one’s religion or culture.
  • Sportswear or active wear- Most sports and physical activity require wearing a certain set of clothes like T-shirts and shorts. Now, these T-shirts andshots have become a kind of casual wear.

Clothing Maintenance

Clothes are subjected to regular wear and tear. Almost all fabrics are vulnerable to body sweat and the dead skin cells shed by the body. All clothing requires proper care and maintenance. For increasing the fife of clothes, they need to be duly washed and ironed, if required. All shirts need to be ironed after they are washed to remove all the wrinkles and give it a smooth look.

The taste of people regarding the clothing styles changes from time to time. So to stay in the competition, readymade shirt manufacturers in indiahave also started manufacturing other clothing items too.


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