Google Proxy Server: Way to Escape Blocks

We are always enthusiastic towards the forbidden things in our society and culture. The reasons for being forbidden attract us rather than anything. Sometimes, they can be logical and sometimes not. As examples, our parents used to tell us not to eat food with unwashed hands, or they restrict us to go bareheaded into the sun. The reasons behind these prohibitions are quite clear to us, I think. But there are also some taboos which deal nothing with the scientific logic such as not stepping ahead after watching a black cat crossing the road, fasting before worship, etc. Like these daily life aspects, the internet also has some forbidden websites. These websites disallow us to access them freely and also called as ‘Block Sites.’ But an interesting server, named Google Proxy Server can take you out of these problems.

Blocked Sites

Administration of every country puts an eagle-eye on the internet access of that region. They do appoint a censor board to decide the legislation of a webpage. If they find a site as unhealthy for the system, the body blocks the URL immediately. Usually, the sites don’t follow the copyright instructions, and this ignorance causes the ban on that website. Disobeying the trademark instructions can also be a threat of losing the permit to maintain their site on the internet. In India, the court ordered ISPs originated the blocks over the illegal sites for neglecting severe warnings. The main reason behind most of the bans is having pornographic images or videos on the siteswhich are very unsocial. You can open many of the blocked sites occasionally, but it depends on the accessibility.


If therestriction is a common process on the internet these days, Paywalls are one its main reasons. Often the business and newspaper websites restrict the internet access on their domain and ask you to subscribe the sites on a payment process, that’s when the Paywalls come to play. A few years back, some premier newspapers initiated keeping Paywalls on their sites so that their revenue gets betterthan previous. But after a year or so, they noticed that the revenue of the printed versions was facing disappointment, and the advertising features were also at stake. Then, many of them abandoned the Paywalls from their websites. Now, some business and beneficiary sites use Paywalls to gain some paid subscription on the internet.

Process of Bypassing Paywalls and Blocked Websites

So, you’re possibly thinking the ways of bypassing all these hazards, aren’t you? Rightly so. Look, we all know that problems are meant to be solved. Similarly, this problem also has a solution to deal with. Google offers us an exclusive proxy server that can bypass these bugs. The operation of this proxy server is quite easy and user-friendly. We can imply these actions using proxy servers like Google Translate, Google Mobilizer, Google Modules, etc. You can find the details of these servers on Layerpoint.


Now, I hope that you can access many of the block sites and avoid Paywalls to upgrade your surfing and downloading experience. The servers mentioned above will definitely help you to decline all the problems which you’ve faced throughout.

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