Indian chicken dishes

Find your love for Indian chicken dishes

Indians have a knack for using different aromatic spices while cooking most of their food, which makes most of the Indian recipes quite popular all across the globe. For some people the taste of these exquisite foods might get a little hot and spicy, but if you can get past that, you won’t be able to resist the extraordinary taste of most of the Indian curries and stir-fries. Indian cooking involves the use of various spices and herbs which when mixed with everyone’s favourite meat, chicken, gives us a number of lip-smacking and finger licking dishes to indulge in.

When the fiery and desi flavours are added to a chicken recipe, it becomes the dream come true for many non-vegetarians. Chicken is a quite versatile meat as can enjoy it in various types of cuisines and occasions but along with it chicken also has a lot of health benefits. Our body is capable of deriving about 30 different types of nutrients from just 100 grams of chicken.

If you are looking for some easy and fuss-free yet exciting Indian chicken recopies to impress some of your guests then you can absolutely try some of the following recopies out:

  • Amritsari chicken masala – This creamy chicken dish is said to be Punjab’s one of the most prized dish. It is made with boneless pieces of chicken which is lathered in rich and buttery gravy made from cream, tomatoes and different spices.
  • Teekha murg – This is a dish which is a love for all those who like their chicken a little spicy. As the name suggests, tender chicken pieces are spiked and cooked with fiery masalas in mustard oil along with the tanginess of tomatoes to balance out the flavours.
  • Murg malaiwala – If you think that all Indian dishes are spicy, then you are highly mistaken. This Indian creamy chicken will make your mouths water for its delicious taste and not because of the immense spicy flavour you expect in most Indian dishes. Here the chicken drumsticks are laced with delicate flavours such as rose petals, saffron, milk, cream and a mix of mild spices.
  • Kerala chicken roast – Kerala is known as ‘God’s own land’, so the food here is expected to be nothing less than what we would expect from heaven. This is a crispy fried chicken recipe which is served with a generous amount of squeezed lime. The tangy flavour of this dish makes it a family favourite of all times.
  • Chicken chettinad – Here is one more dish to favour the ones who have a taste for fiery flavours in their dishes. In India, the chettinad cuisine from Kerala is said to be the spiciest of all. In this, the chicken pieces are tossed in southern spices also with a coconut paste. The famous pepper chicken is quite similar to this dish.
  • Spicy tangy kadhai chicken– In this recipe, you will find a melange of different flavours. Take one bite and you will the sweet, sour and spicy taste of the dish. The bell peppers, tamarind, lemon and jiggery along with homemade spice mix well to give us this yummy dish.


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