Everything You Need To Know About The EHIC Card

Stands for the European Health Insurance Card, EHIC is a health insurance cover provided free-of-cost to citizens of the EEA nations European Economic Area Members and Switzerland. Under this scheme, the citizens of these countries are living the freedom to have medical care in these nations at free or at reduced costs.

This is a great initiative existed since 1st January 1994 upon the signing of EEA agreement. This agreement is considered significant to promote tourism in these nations, as during the earlier days, when someone serious fall ill on a vacation, he or she has to immediately fly back to the hometown. But, with an E111 card, he or she will get the best care there itself and that too at reduced costs. In addition, if you are struggling with a kind of illness or health disease that requires regular care like kidney dialysis, even then you are benefited by the EHIC card. However, one thing to note in here, your trip should not be intended for medical treatment, as this scheme doesn’t cover that. Also, note non emergency medical care like dental treatment is not insured by this card, for that you got to fly back home.

How To Obtain This Card?

The procedure to obtain the E111 card is quite simple, you have to do is to visit the official website of the EHIC, and there look for the form, which needs to fill-in for obtaining this card. This will hardly take five minutes, no big hassles, just provide your basic information and wait some time for the approval. However, if you have any doubt or problem submitting the EHIC card application, then you can reach out to a third-party processor. The agent will provide you all the information you need to fill the EHIC card application, he will do it on your behalf. Though the EHIC card is issued free of cost, the third-party agent will ask for some fees to get the job done.

For Many Years This Health Card Is Issued?

This depends upon the issuer nation, so you can talk to the government officials or your third-party agent for knowledge on this. Though the time period of this health care is not known, the procedure for renewal is simplified. This can be done in few minutes without any hassle.

How To Avail The Medical Service In A Foreign Land Using This Card?

In some scenarios, your passport is not enough to obtain the benefit of this scheme. It is required to have a photo ID proof since the EHIC card doesn’t have a photo card. So, for extra safety carry along one or two photo ID documents to stay clear of any sort of last minute hassles.

At the end of it all, from the above, you come to know what EHIC card is all about and it is benefitting for you. For more information visit the website or consult a reliable third-party agent for advice or recommendation on this.

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