Event Planning Tips: How To Prepare For Possible Bad Weather


No matter how closely we pay attention to the weather forecast, there is no way to 100% predict the weather on the day of an event. There are many instances where the day starts out lovely and the sun is shining, but a few hours before the event is scheduled to start dark clouds are seen on the horizon.

 Basically, the weather is unpredictable and it can ruin any event, but there are ways to prepare for any weather condition. Follow these tips and you will be ready to face any type of weather on the day of the event:

Tip 1: Include A Weather Policy

Send out invites that include a weather policy. This means that your guests are aware that in case there is heavy rain during the day of the even there is a chance of it being canceled or moved to a different date. Although it is not a weatherproofing tip, it is the best way to ensure that guests won’t be upset of the sudden cancelation, you did give them a disclaimer after all.

Tip 2: Protect The Equipment

The sound equipment can sustain water damage even if there is just a light rain shower. Make sure to rent a waterproof sound system and cover them up just to add an extra layer of protection. One splash of water on an exposed electrical wire can cause a lot of damage and even short-circuit the entire sound and lighting system, make sure they are protected or be ready to pay a hefty fine.

Tip 3: Try To Find An Indoor Venue Instead

Ask any event catering expert and they will agree that an indoor venue is usually better than an outdoor setup. At least if your event is held indoors, even if it is raining outside, the party can still continue inside with very little effect on your guests and the entertainment.

This is especially important if your event plans to have event catering of food and drinks for your guests. Not everyone wants to eat under the rain and not all caterers have the equipment to handle rain while serving food and drinks.

Tip 4: Have And Rehearse An Evacuation Plan

Event planners who are brave enough to push through with the party during a rain shower should be prepared to evacuate everyone when the weather turns for the worse. Rehearse with the event staff on how guests should be assisted during an emergency evacuation. All staff members should be made aware of these plans so that everyone is in sync and the evacuation process goes as smoothly as possible.

Tip 5: Announce Cancellations Early

As soon as the weather forecast shows that there is a big chance of heavy rainfall on the days leading to the event, announce a possible cancellation soon. Waiting until the very last minute to pull the plug on the event will only disappoint guests and you might even lose deposits for the vendors providing their services for the event.

Don’t push your luck, if the weather seems bleak just reschedule the event on another, more weather-appropriate date.

Things can go wrong when planning and hosting an event. At Saint Germain Catering, we can only promise you that you’ll never go with your event catering if you tap our services.

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