Canada immigration expresses entry

Ensure an Effective Path to Canada for You!

Canada is a beautiful and advanced country. You can find everything from tourist destinations to finest facilities; good jobs to better lifestyle in this country. Perhaps, it is the reason that many students and people from different countries relocate to or visit Canada.

Certainly, there are many ways that you can become a part of this country. One of the most popular options is of Canada immigration expresses entry. Have you ever heard about this entry? If not, you need to explore it for sure. If you have the right information at hand, you can easily go to Canada under this express entry. There are certain things that can fetch you an extra edge in your express entry endeavours and some of them are as under:

Age matters

Applicants applying for permanent residency via Express Entry program are assessed on a system of points.   Points are awarded for an applicant core human capital factors such as work experience, education and age.   Talking about age, the highest points are awarded to the applicants who are between the age group of 20 to 29 years and the points actually decrease every year either before or after this range of age.  So, there is no need to procrastinate your plans, you might be losing points for every single year you wait to apply.

Education is aboon

As told before, applicants are allocated Comprehensive Ranking System points when Government of Canada assesses the immigration eligibility.   The more education an applicant has attained, usually the more points they are likely to be given.   For example, talking about a Doctorate degree, it is given nearly one hundred fifty points and a three-year post-secondary degree can be allotted nearly one hundred twenty points. So, the more educated you are; the better your points can turn out to be…

Consider the Time

When you apply for permanent residency, you are told to submit many documents to support your application including, but not restricted to, a police check from every country you lived in for more than six months since you were 18 years of age.  For a few countries it can also take months to course and get the police certificate.   There are other supporting documents too like, medical exam, school records, evidence of work experience, and evidence of personal finances. There are the things that have to be considered within time.

Job Factor

The applicants that have a lawful job offer in Canada before they have applied to immigrate under the Express Entry system get six hundred points and are successfully fast-tracked via the immigration process.    You can begin your search by having a peep at the Canadian Job Bank. Who knows a job offer fetches you these valuable points!


Thus, before you get excited about express entry visa for Canada, it is crucial that you check your eligibility on their website. Once you are convinced that you are qualified for the same; go ahead and use all the points, moves and tactics to make your path to Canada Easy and effective!

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