Museums of Ahmedabad

Enjoy the Abundance of Museums of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is biggest city in Gujarat. It is situated on banks of popular River Sabarmati. This city of Ahmed Shah is well-known for its luxurious past and for its relation with Mahatma (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) the Great being. Even today, the city is celebrated for its Industrialisation and tourism.

Whether you talk about different tourist’s destinations, spiritual spots, historic monuments or leisure spots, this city has everything gathered for you. Just book hotels in Ahmedabad and carry out a fantastic trip in this city.

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum is also famous as L. D. Museum. The spot is situated near University of Gujarat. It is a majestic museum of Indian Sculptures, beautiful Paintings, Wood works, rich Manuscripts, Bronzes, creative Bead works, coins and Drawings. The museum is open on all working days apart from holidays and Mondays. The museum also has in house art reference library. You can get an extensive experience in this museum.

Calico Museum

In case you are in Ahmedabad then you must not miss the Calico Museum of Textiles. This museum takes visitors back to the extensive textile history of Indian subcontinent along with exactly preserved ancient textiles. Some of the stuff goes back even hundreds of years.

The history of textiles is closely knitted with history of Ahmedabad. What makes this place really distinct is manner in which an old beautiful house has been conserved and getting used for diverse museum exhibitions. The whole ambiance of the museum takes the visitors back in eras. The museum draws a lot of inspiration from Ananda K Coomaraswamy who was the prominent art historian.

City Museum

This museum is one of the most visited Museums of Ahmedabad. It was formed in year 2000 by the well-known French architect Le Corbusier. Various people call this museum ‘Atit Ki Jhanki’ too. The museum depicts the diverse artefacts like the age-old coins, paintings, woodcraft and so on. The visitors here can also grab so much of information linked with how industrial revolution was begun in this city. Textile stuff such as Chinese embroidery, outfits and tents of royal rules are also displayed in this museum.

The Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya

There is Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad and it is also known as Gandhi Ashram or Satyagraha Ashram. The spot is mapped in Sabarmati outskirts of Ahmedabad. It was one of the popular residences of great Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He lived at this place for about twelve years with his wife, Kasturba Gandhi. The ashram now has a beautiful museum i. e. the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya. The museum houses plenty of items and belongings of Mahatma Gandhi. A single walk through the museum will acquaint you with extensiveness. You can sense the historic richness in this museum. After all, the day today items used by Gandhi ji will make you feel nostalgic.

So, these were a few of Museums of Ahmedabad. Just check out Ahmedabad cheap hotels and have a rich and historic time. These museums will acquaint you with the glorious History of India.

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