Dianabol If Used In The Bulking Cycle

How Effective Is Dianabol If Used In The Bulking Cycle?

Dianabol is one of the most popular oral anabolic-androgenic steroids used by the bodybuilders to build muscle mass quickly. The result is visible within a few weeks but there are various factors like the diet that help it indirectly to achieve the stunning result. A typical weight gain of 10 lb can be noticed with a proper and strict diet plan. But before you can jump on and buy it out, you should know important details and aspects about Dianabol so that you can use it safely and consciously.

How Dianabol Helps In Weight Gain?

Dianabol will only be effective if you happen to take in more calories than you do usually on an average. In other words, your diet must supply more calories than your body requires so that the excess calories can be utilized in muscle mass building.

Diet Plan – Ideally, a male should take around 3000-4000 calories a day while a female should have around a thousand calories a day to gain weight with Dianabol rapidly. But the most important thing about your diet plan is that it should contain 50% protein as it is essential for muscle formation. As far as carbohydrate goes, it can be around 30% while healthy fat content can be 20% for cholesterol and other requirements of the human body. But you have to ensure that you are not taking processed food and other sugary products. The sources of protein can be steak, lamb, fish, pork, eggs, almond milk, dry oats, protein powder, and likewise.

Weight Gain – Dianabol’s magical effects are mostly due to the proper diet plan and regular exercise. In case you do not gain weight even after having a balanced diet and regular exercise, you need to increase the dosage after consulting a physician and be under his supervision. Higher dosage of any steroids increases the chances of side effects considerably. Dianabol is not considered to be an ideal steroid for women weight gain due to dominating masculine side effects. They are advised to stack a hormone with Dianabol to minimize the virilization effects. For males, Dianabol is an ideal steroid for building up muscle mass. One can expect a typical weight gain of 10 lb within 6 weeks cycle. But many people have reported far more gain than that which could be attributed to their diet plan and proper exercise. The muscle mass could be double in the period of 6 weeks which is why most of the bodybuilders go for it all the time. The recommended dosage is 20-25mg per day in oral form for a classic 6 weeks period.

Side Effects – Just like every other steroid, Dianabol is not free of side effects especially when you take it for the first time or when you abuse it. It is preferred to have a trial run for beginners. It is toxic to the liver and there is always testosterone suppression for which a testosterone supplement stacking is not a bad option. There could be bloating and gynecomastia. For females, it leads to virilization issues.

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