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Education for girls: Freedom from the shackles of past traditions

Every child irrespective of gender should have equal rights to education. No child should be discriminated based on which sex they belong to. A girl child and a boy child should both be sent to school. Indian government has several programmes which enables no too well off families to be able to send their children to schools. State governments also have lots and lots of programmes which make it very possible to send you girl child to school. In West Bengal particularly there are numerous number of scholarships available for female students. These scholarships can be called sexually biased but these are necessary because of the abysmal ratio of male to female literacy rate. Some form of equality must be brought about and therefore a bit of biased policies favouring women would actually increase efficiency of the society as a whole enormously.

Increasing the female literacy rate would enable women to take care of themselves and be financially independent. This would help women all over India to not be solely dependent on their families. Fending for themselves is what would finally lead to equality among different sexes in the society. There are several girls’ boarding schools in India, these schools help girls grow up on their own without the protection of their parents. These schools make them tough and teach them on how to survive alone. Most of these schools follow strict discipline. Leading a disciplined life is the key to being successful. As more and more girls are going to school they are learning that they should not have to adhere to age old traditions which are nothing but a burden to the society. They are learning that what they think matters and should be given equal importance just like everyone else.

Being able to get education makes it possible for young girls to dream about doing things they love when they grow up. Education is liberating the minds of these young women. Women who grow up with proper education are going to be able to help thousands of other women who would otherwise have spent a lifetime never knowing that they had immense potential within themselves. Being able to stand up for themselves and speak their minds is what these schools are going to help the young female students achieve.

There are several boarding schools in India. The teachers from the best girls boarding school tells us that they have seen how much education helps in liberating young women from the shackles of the society. These age old useless shackles which manifests in form of tradition are nothing but a burden to the entire society. It is important to value traditions and respect the elderly but it is even more important to be able to think for yourself and act accordingly and not let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve something just because you are born a woman. No matter how old and experienced a person is no one should have the right to prevent anyone from getting education. These schools are helping numerous young girls each day to become someone when they grow up and are absolutely essential for the growth and development of our society as a whole.

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