Distress Caused On Mothers Due To Passive Smoking

There are two basic characteristics of smoking including active and passive smoking. If a person is an active smoker, they can be the reason for effects of smoking of all the non-smoker people around them. Smoking is one of the most common problems that have taken over the society and the problem is creating issues from aged people to young children equally. One of the major problems occurred during pregnancy when a person at home is a smoker.

Problems Caused Due To Passive Smoking During Pregnancy

Passive smoking is said to be one of the chief causes of health issues that occur in the respiratory system of common people. It is often said that passive smoking is even more dangerous than active smoking because the person who is not smoking but getting the smoke inside are affecting their normal respiration. Smoking includes all kinds of cigarettes or e-cigarettes. It is true that the condition of vaping while pregnant is harmful to the health of any person, including that of pregnant women.

  1. Passive smoking increases the chance of ectopic pregnancy. If a woman goes through passive smoking when they get pregnant there are high chances that they may have issues while getting pregnant or during pregnancy, they may have health problems. All the problems are related to the effect of changing vitals in the mothers. The amount of nicotine present in these are the reason for which there are changes that occur in the health of the mother.
  2. Even due to passive smoking the proper formation of pulmonary system in the baby can be disrupted. Due to the chemicals present in the smoke, various problems can occur and all of them are because these chemicals get mixed in the bloodstream of the mother and in turn reached the baby through the placenta.
  3. Morning sickness can occur more frequently and vomiting tendency increases during the day. This is because of the nicotine that creates this issue and most of the mothers suffer from conditions of improper nutrition and digestion. It acts as a reflex to remove the harmful substances that get mixed with the blood.
  4. Chances of cancer are same during pregnancy because in this phase the immune system of the mother is reduced because of reduction in blood volume. There are several other hormonal changes that are affected because of the adverse effects of smoking.

Passive smoking should not be taken lightly for the sake of the baby. It not only affects proper growth of the baby but also results in stillbirth or increases the chances of miscarriages. It is best to give up smoking or ask the person smoking at home to stop so that the baby never gets affected and stays away from the harmful effects of nicotine that can get mixed in its brand. Smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes during pregnancy near a pregnant woman should be stopped for the best.


To have a healthy baby all the concerns related to health must be dealt with perfectly. This can let their baby get all the essential nutrition and supply of oxygen from the mother in pure form.

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