Differences between luxury watches and their replicas

Original luxury timepieces are considered to be one of the most luxurious goods in the market. it often becomes a status symbol to own one of the pieces. People from higher positions in the society find it easier to acquire these watches. But, not all of us can afford a luxury watch. This is the main reason for the presence of fake watches in the market. Swiss watches are a major luxury product that a person can own and there are numerous replicas of Swiss luxury watches that are available in the market all over the world.

The customs seizure of replica watches every year constitute to quiet some extent. They fall next to textiles when it comes to goods that are illegally transported from one country to the other. As the demand for luxury watches is increasing among the middle class people, the counterfeits are also becoming products with more sophistication. Often, they are very similar to the original product that people will not be able to distinguish them from the original ones. There are three major differences when original luxury watches and the replicas are compared. The first and the foremost difference are the design and the finishing of the original products. The standards of luxury watches are very meticulously monitored and made.

Thus, a true high-end watch has a flawless finishing in it. This is a reason why the top tier watchmakers feel proud about the job they do. When a replica is considered there might be some problems its design like the material that is used, the logos might be slightly different with incorrect spellings, the ticking noise of the watch can be loud from the original ones. The person who is making the replica should also do their study of the original product to create a replica that is hard to differentiate from the real ones. Luxury watches are always made of fine materials only. There are watches that are made of 18k gold, 950 platinum or even grade 5 titanium.

The stainless steel that is used is also of superior quality. Rolex watches are known to contain 904L stainless steel in them. Genuine leather, gemstones are diamonds are often seen in high end watches. The packaging of the original products is also a thing of beauty in itself. Because of the materials that are used the replicas are often found to be less in weight than the original timepieces. A recent study surprisingly says that even replica watches are available in 18k gold in the market today. The last and important difference is the price of both the products. Replicas are solely made for the purpose of affordability. They are created so that common people can have access to them so they are very much cheaper than the luxury watches.


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