Daily Habits to Increase your Height

Everyone wants to look beautiful and tall. Though it totally depends on the genetic factor but still if you take a balanced diet, and do regular exercises then it will surely make you increase your height to some inches. Essentially, these processes work as an external factor and play a crucial role to make us fit and active and also increase our height. Here are some ways which you must follow to increase your height.

Eat a Balanced Diet

We are in a rush in our daily life in order to achieve our goals, and as a result, there is a deficiency of nutrients in our body. We should maintain a balanced diet so that our body should gain proper nutrients from our food. In order to increase our height, our food mainly comprises of proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy carbohydrates.

Fresh Fruits: Intake of fresh and seasonal fruits is always good for your health. It contains proteins, essential minerals and vitamins which makes your body fit and active.

Whole Grains: Whole grains are the storehouse of energy which is enriched of fibre, vitamins and some crucial minerals like magnesium, iron and selenium, which makes your bone and muscles strong. The bread and pasta made from whole grains will surely boost up your children’s height if you keep them in their regular diet.

Egg: Egg contains an immense amount of protein along with calcium and vitamin B12. If you keep at least one egg in your diet, it will work as a supplement and boost your height.

Use Supplements with Caution

Sometimes your body might be unable to secrete human growth hormone due to which your normal height growth gets affected. In order to maintain that you may take some supplements. It’s always better if you take advice from doctors about the supplements.

Regular Exercises and Yoga

If you do regular exercises and yoga then it may increase some inches to your height. We discuss here some exercises, if you practised it 2-3 times in a week, then it will help surely boost up your height.

Pelvic Shift: It is one of the simplest methods to stretch your body up and down from your spine and also from your hips. Follow the below instructions to perform the exercise:

You can start the exercise by simply lying on your back and then place your shoulders and arms firmly on the floor.

After that, you need to bend your knees so that you can draw your feet as close to your buttocks as much as you can.

Now you have to maintain the position for 20 to 30 seconds. It will provide more flexibility to your front hips.

Hopping With One Leg: As it is the simplest exercise, it can be performed anywhere. Even you can do it while watching TV or playing in the park. You just need to hop your left leg around 8 times with your hands pointing towards the sky and then do the same with your right leg.

Final thoughts

Hoping to increase height? This article is a wholesome guide on what you must follow to gain a normal height. Each and every point is viable and if you can follow these regularly, you are sure to witness results.

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