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Best Free Virtual Meeting Services for Business Use

The advancement in technology, both on the hardware and software front has eliminated the need of spending hours to travel over long distances to attend meetings, seminars, conferences etc due to emergence of various virtual meeting platforms which are economical and convenient to use.

Find below some of the best virtual meeting solutions available for businesses.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meetings

Considered one of the best virtual meeting service for small and medium sized enterprises, it is popular for its HD quality video and good quality sound. This virtual meeting service is compatible across various mobile and desktop platforms, allowing users to host and attend virtual meetings from all over the world.

This virtual meeting platforms also has rich features like interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, group and private chat, recording and playback feature, facility of scheduling meetings etc.

2. Google Hangouts

One of the most effective virtual meeting services, Google Hangouts lets users to make video and audio calls, video conferencing and has features such as private and group chat facility, user friendly and easy to use interface etc.

3. Mikogo

One of the most exceptional virtual meeting solutions, Mikogo allows users to host online video calls and is known for its ability to pause screen sharing and recording features. A host can invite up to 10 attendees for conference calls.

4. AnyMeeting

Formerly known as Freebinar, this virtual meeting service matches the features of paid and premium platforms. Its wide array of features include ability to conduct audio and video conference calls, screen sharing, recording of meetings etc.

5. Skype

One of the most popular virtual meetings solutions, it allows up to 10 participants in a single virtual meeting and allows users to make audio and video calls. Its additional features include, but not limited to screen sharing features, instant messaging, tin built translator etc.

6. Cisco WebEx Meeting

It’s free virtual meeting service allows a maximum of three person virtual meeting with an option for users to upgrade to its premium plans based upon their needs and requirements. Cisco WebEx Meeting is very useful for hosting webinars, training, support centres etc.

7. FaceTime

This free virtual meeting solutions designed by Apple for its mobile and computer devices. Users of Mac, iPad and iPhone can communicate with other over audio and video calls, and is known for its high quality and audio and video. This service is not available to Windows, Linux and Android users.

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