Diwali special Shayari

Best Diwali Gift for Your Loved Ones

Diwali festival huge celebration held in large scale in Delhi, the capital city of India. Diwali is the festival of lights, which has the potency of uniting entire India. Diwali festival also has another name called Deepawali. Northern people called this festival Diwali but southern people of India called this festival Deepawali. We called Diwali festival “festival of lights” because on this auspicious day people decorate their houses with electric lights, with beautiful Diyas, lamps, and candles. People celebrate this day as they believe that on this day Lord Ram returned to their home Ayodhya after the 14-year exile.

Few days prior to the festival from Smartphones and other gadgets people send each other Diwali special Shayari messages and the day of the festival they come together and celebrate the festival.  They not even celebrate this festival together but also exchange gifts. They exchange gifts like chocolates, bowel set, photo frames, sweets etc.

If you are in Delhi and within a Budget You want to buy Diwali gifts from your friends and relatives so you can visit Market of Lajpat, Malviya Nagar market, you can also visit Palika Bazaar at Connaught place. Delhi looks very beautiful at any festival but on Diwali, it looks like a newlywed bride. Whole market decorated with lights and flowers. Nowadays shopkeepers used red Dupatta and beautifully decorate their shops.

If you are in Chandigarh and want to enjoy this festival then you will feel the festival everywhere especially in sector 22 markets and sector 17 markets. The markets fully decorated with lights and flowers you can buy anything within budget. You will see the eating stalls and gifts stalls and it will be hard for you to stop yourself from eating as well as from shopping.

And apart from Delhi and Chandigarh if you visit any other city you will feel the same festive feeling everywhere be it Mumbai be it Kolkata, Goa Bangalore, Chennai etc.  Every state celebrates this festival with their rituals.

If you are confused what to give your loved one on this Diwali then not to worry, we can suggest you some gifts. For your love of life, you can buy jewelry and express your love towards her/him which is may be lost somewhere in your daily office or work routine. By giving them present tell her/him that how important she/he to you. But for some other relations, we have to do some extra effort like for our parents, Nobody can impress their parents by giving them presents, for them, we have to walk some extra mile. So if in past few years you didn’t celebrate Diwali with your parents, this Diwali go and celebrate with them, and tell that you are always there for them. If you are already staying with your parents then spend more time with them as it’s the best gift for them. Enjoy this festival like you never enjoyed before. Express your emotions by giving your time to the ones whom you always loved and respect.

However, by exchanging gifts you can always wish Diwali to your loved ones but except that you can also wish them Diwali by putting Diwali WhatsApp status on whatsapp profile.

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