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7 Worst Foods for Sleep Apnea

A good night’s sleep is one of the simplest ways to maintain a healthy body. Amidst the super-stressful lives, sleep is one of the first things that is given up.

Research often brings to light the fact that sleep apnea and oral hygiene go hand in hand. In fact, there are many patients who can be surprised when asked about their sleep pattern by the dentist.

You will be surprised to know that cavity has a direct role to play in causing sleep apnea. It is nothing but a disease that inhibits the nasal pathways. What we eat, how we eat and how the mouth allows the air passage are all very significant factors for sleep apnea and oral health.

Dentists will of course, ask you to refrain from the sweet foods that massively contribute towards the formation of cavities. But there are also some foods that can worsen the sleep apnea symptoms and can wreak havoc on your sleep.  It is always advisable to avoid such foods. Just take a look.

  • Bananas – Bananas can be a great source of nutrients and fibres. But they may enhance the production of mucus and boost up problems associated with sleep apnea. That is why, doctors recommend that the mucus-producing foods should be avoided for two weeks to understand whether they are contributing to the symptoms or not. If the symptoms are improving, then you should eliminate the bananas from your diet entirely. On the basis of the severity of the symptoms, the soft, over-ripe bananas can cause more troubles than the less-ripe and harder varieties.
  • Spicy Foods – The spicy foods are often quite delicious and most of them often have a variety of benefits. The spicy foods are notorious for causing the indigestion, heartburn as well as acid reflux. The heartburn can be made worse at the time of lying down. This is because this allows the acid to creep up into the oesophagus and burn the sensitive lining.
  • High-Fat Dairy Products – The high-fat dairy products like the heavy cream, whole milk and high-fat chesses may also worsen the production of mucus. The whole milk products, as the rich the sources of saturated fats, can also enhance the health-risks associated with sleep apnea like heart ailment. Research has revealed that a positive correlation exists between the improved symptoms and avoiding these foods. If you avoid the high-fat dairy products in your diet for over a year, you will be able to witness positive weightless results and an enhanced quality of life. Hence you should avoid the high fat dairy products as well as the foods and beverages made with these products like the Alfredo pasta, cheese-topped pizza, cheesecakes and full-fat lattes, nachos and butter.
  • Foods Containing Water – The watermelons and the celeries are natural diuretics that can help to push water through your system. Eating or drinking any of these foods close to the bedtime can cause you to lose sleep for the middle of the night bathroom trips.
  • High-Fat Meats – The high-fat meats also supply the rich amounts of saturated fats, enhance your cardiovascular health issues. This can also boost up the inflammation in the body. Therefore, experts suggest that the saturated fat source should be replaced with the cold-water fish like that of salmon. It reduces your inflammation, enhances your heart health and keeps your unhealthy food intake low. The dishes and the meat varieties that are especially high in fat include the bacon, porterhouse and top sirloin steak, chops, pork, meat-topped pizza, sausage, cheeseburgers, fast food breakfast sandwiches, deli meats, hot dogs, bratwursts, veal cutlets, spareribs and fried chicken.
  • Foods and Drinks Containing Caffeine – The drinks that contain caffeine like coffee and even the energy drinks like the Red Bull can come to the rescue when you are feeling tired and just want a little push to get through the day. However, it is not recommended to drink caffeine close to bedtime or after lunch. This is because it can interfere with your sleep by keeping the mind overactive. The foods with dark chocolate are high in caffeine and must be avoided.
  • Refined Carbs – The refined carbohydrates like honey, cane sugar, corn syrup or enriched flour are high in sugar. It is because of these foods that the whole grains are much better option. The refined carbohydrates can contribute massively to the weight gain and hence the sleep apnea symptoms are bound to get more severe because of them.

The above are some of the worst foods for sleep apnea that you should stay away from if you want to retain a healthy body. Apart from these, if snoring is the problem that keep you awake at night, there are several snoring treatments available today that can help you achieve a good night’s sleep after minimising or completely doing away with the sleep apnea symptoms.


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